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All bookings are basically non-refundable, unless otherwise chosen.

You can opt for free cancellation on the second last page before payment.

Are pets welcome?

Pets are welcome.

Pets can only be brought if this has been agreed in advance viatelephoneand must be done before booking a room.

To book a room with a pet, call: +4550101909

We will make it possible for the price not to be reflected in a good night's sleep!

Find the good prices here

Our vision.

Still have questions?

Contact us at one of the following:


Or click in the blue speech bubble.

- We will reply as soon as we can!


Have you found a cheaper price at e.g. or expedia?


We match the price and give a 10% discount on top of that.*

*price match only applies to bookings that have not been made in advance, and must be disclosed before check-in.


Charge your electric car with us.

Price: DKK 3 per kw

If you wish to leave your car, you must notify us when you book your stay.*

*vi forbeholder os retten til at afvise din anmodning om opladning.

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