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Step 1

You will find the key in our key box in the carport. The box hangs on the right side. the code will be sent 30min before check-in.


Step 3

Welcome in.

In the hall you will find a shared shower / toilet on the right side. Down the hall to the right you will find the kitchenette and your room.


step 4

Kitchenette where you will find the most basic, coffee and tea are included in your stay.

Your room is located to the right of the kitchenette.


Step 2

Lock yourself in.

The key fits the front door and your room.

On the key you can also see your room number.


Say hello!

To the left, our dog Mowgli will probably be ready to greet.

He does not do a fly harm, if he does (wow) then it is only because he feels overlooked.


Enjoy your stay!

In the window sill you will find an info note, if you have any questions you are welcome to call.

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